In business, disputes are unavoidable. Contracts may be breached. Invoices may go unpaid. Employees may need to be let go. Partnerships may dissolve. These are a few of the situations that can, and often do, affect, interrupt, or even destroy businesses. When these disputes arise, it is important for businesses to have a responsible law firm that can provide sound advice and effective representation.

As experienced commercial litigators, we are well-qualified to assist our clients when problems arise. We are not “litigate first, ask questions later” attorneys. When an issue presents itself, we take the time to discuss the matter with our clients, to make certain that we understand the problem and to ensure that we craft the best strategy to achieve our clients’ goals.

We recognize that sometimes a solution can be achieved through negotiation and communication. Other times, we advise our clients that mediation or arbitration has the best chance of achieving a favorable resolution to a dispute. And sometimes, litigation makes the most sense.

In all of these forums, we represent our clients in a manner designed to achieve the maximum results as efficiently as possible. Below are a few examples of the various types of matters we handle in our commercial litigation practice:


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